January 2021 – Piali Sengupta & Brian Gulbransen

The Gut That Moves Us

We kicked off the new year with a virtual discussion with Dr. Piali Sengupta & Dr. Brian Gulbransen on January 12, 2021.

Dr. Sengupta received her PhD from MIT, where she studied pheromone signaling in yeast Brent Cochran’s laboratory. She then did her post-doc at UCSF, where she identified genes that encode how olfactory receptors are encoded in C. elegans with Cori Bargmann. She was later recruited to Brandeis University in 1996. Dr. Sengupta is currently a professor of Biology at Brandeis University and was recently elected as an AAAS fellow in 2019 for her pioneering work on the molecular genetics of chemical communication and thermosensation in C. elegans.Her lab work has two primary research focuses: one is the cilia squad, which is focused on the mechanisms by which cilia form and function, and the other is the axis of taxis: which is aimed at uncovering how thermal and chemical stimuli are sensed by C. elegans

Dr. Gulbransen received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado Health Science Center, where he studied chemoreceptor cells. He is currently an associate professor in the physiology department at Michigan State University. The focus of his lab is to understand how inflammation in the nervous system (neuroinflammation) leads to long-term changes in gastrointestinal function with a particular focus on the intercellular communication between glia, neurons and immune cells.