Gastronauts Nantes 2020

To make us who we are, food must agree with the gut and the brain. This venue for scientific gut-brain dialogue is Gastronauts

When a behavioral neuroscientist sits with a synthetic biologist for breakfast, one can envision a witty probiotic designed to tame our cravings.

In Nantes, the table will be served with fine ideas carefully nourished in laboratories around the world. Guts in space, mind bending gut surgery, guts on a chip, and self-medicating chimps are just a few of the topics to be delivered by our carefully curated list of scientists.

We have 8 sessions with 29 speakers, and 3 discussion panels culminating in more than 1,800 minutes of solid intellectual fun!

Join us in the Pays de la Loire Nantes, France, May 19-21, 2020.             

 For any inquiries, please email Registration opens 19 August 2019.


Menu pour l’esprit et la digestion

Giles Yeo
Cambridge University
Food genomics
I.          Sensing food
Alison Moore
University of Glasgow
Zachary Knight
University of California, San Francisco
Dragana Rogulja
Harvard University
Gut feelings in culture

Gut-brain nutrient sensing

To sleep or to eat
II.          Gut nerves
Judith Eisen
University of Oregon
Ulrika Marlund
Karolinska Institute
Nick Spencer
Flinders University
Nilay Yapici
Cornell University
Enteric neurons and the microbiome

Enteric neuron development

Extrinsic neurons of the colon

Neurobiology of ingestion
PANEL:The Word of ScienceLed by Caitlin Van der Weele
Neuroscientist and Social Media Specialist
III.          Biotechnologies
Matthias Meier
University of Freiburg
Róisín Owens
University of Cambridge
Mijo Simunovic
Columbia University

Guts on a chip

Early gastrulation and humans
IV.          Behavior
Kara Margolis
Columbia University
Samantha Solon-Biet
University of Sydney
Mauro Costa-Mattioli
Baylor College
Dana Small
Yale University
Autism in the gut

Diet and age

Mood enhancing microbes

The pleasure of food
V.          Bioengineering
Nancy Allbritton
UNC - Chapel Hill
Carlotta Ronda
Columbia University
Antonio Scialdone
Helmholtz Zentrum München
Microengineering the gut

Multiplex Genome Engineering

Math in plants
PANEL:The Business of ScienceLed by Christof von Kalle
CRO Sidra Medicine
VI.          Disease
Monica Skarulis
Hamad Medical Corporation
Michele Neunlist
Filipe De Vadder
Institute Genomics Functional de Lyon
Cheryl Nickerson
Arizona State University
Obesity and the gut

Parkinson’s in the gut

Gut microbes and neurons

Gut disease in space
LUNCH PANEL:The Fuel of ScienceLed by Nandini Iyer
Program Officer, US Air Force
VII.          Gut and immunity
Layla Kamareddine
Qatar University
Ana Domingos
Oxford University
John Lukens
University of Virgina
Henrique Veiga-Fernandes
Champalimaud Foundation
Host-pathogen interactions


Microbiome-immune crosstalk

Diet, immunity, and the gut
VIII.          Healing food
Amy Greeson
Natural Discoveries Inc., NC
Michael Huffman
Kyoto University
Medicinal plants

Self-medicating chimps
Charles Spence
University of Oxford
The future of food