Biliary stem cells

Speaker: Dr. Adam Gracz, Ph.D from UNC Chapel Hill

Title: “Stem Cell Dynamics in Intestinal and Biliary Epithelia.”

Dr. Gracz is an Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill and started his independent laboratory in July 2016 after completing his postdoctoral fellowship in intestinal stem cell biology in Dr. Scott Magness’s lab at UNC Chapel Hill. His collective work has explored how cells pattern to form functional tissues.

In his post-doctoral work, Dr. Gracz studied how stemness is regulated in the intestine. He and his colleagues found that SOX9 EGFP is expressed in variable levels in intestinal crypts, specifically finding that the level of expression marks distinct cell populations including progenitor cells, intestinal stem cells, and enteroendocrine cells. They used various novel and state-of-the-art techniques in their work; specifically, they collaborated with biomedical engineers to use microraft arrays (MRAs) to facilitate genetic screening of organoids. After his successful postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Gracz started his independent laboratory based on the central question “How does epigenetic regulation drive functional outcomes in cell and tissue biology?”

His lab focuses on two areas of research: the chromatin structure of intestinal stem cell biology and the cellular dynamics of biliary epithelium. In his talk, Dr. Gracz focused on his lab’s work in biliary epithelial populations. He is using SOX9 EGFP to study the sub-populations of biliary epithelial cells and to identify potential biliary stem cells. In summary, Dr. Gracz is continuing to further the field’s understanding of stem cell dynamics in GI epithelial tissues.

Stem cells

Glad to announce the kickoff of our Gastronauts series 2017/18. We are on our 3rd year! and this would have not been possible without your attendance and support to the monthly meetings. This year we have a vibrant list of speakers, a new venue (GSRBI 4002), and a Gastronauts symposium that goes global (more coming soon).
On Tuesday September 5th, at 4p, we will have our first speaker. This time Dr. Chris Dekaney from the NCSU School of Veterinary Medicine is visiting us. Chris is a stem cell biologist and will be sharing his work –Life Within the Intestinal Stem Cell Niche During Damage and Repair – Friends and Enemies
The primary focus of Chris’s research is unlocking how intestinal stem cells proliferate after injury.
Also over the summer, there have been a few great articles, resources, and announcements that have come online. Please see them below. If you have something worth spreading please send it my way, I am sure a group member will be excited to read it too.

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