The Gastronauts Podcast Season 3

Season 3 Transcripts

Episode 15: Shaping Our Appetite (Lisa Beutler, Norhtwestern & Anthony Sclafani, Brooklyn College)

Dr. Beutler and Dr. Sclafani share with us the neurons and gut cells that govern our desire to eat.

Episode 16: Tracking Our Behavior (Michael Krashes, NIDDK & Yulong Li, Peking University)

Dr. Krashes and Dr. Li share with us how we can leverage the latest technology to not only enhance our research but define our careers.

Episode 17: What Bugs Us (Mary Estes, Baylor & Dylan Dodd, Stanford)

Dr. Estes and Dr. Dodd get personal with the bugs in our gut.

Episode 18: Our Greatest Challenge (Kara Marshall, Scripps, Dafni Hadjieconomou, Imperial College, Marcelo Zimmer, Yale & Rio & Yuuki Obata, Crick)

We talk about what got us into science & how we see the future of science.

Episode 19: Forming Gut Circuits (Piali Sengupta, Brandeis University & Brian Gulbransen, Michigan State University)

We talk about how the circuits in our gut can direct our behaviors.