The Gastronauts Podcast Season 1

Season 1 Transcripts

Episode 6: Inventing The Inventor (Nancy Allbritton, UNC)

Dr. Allbritton shares her thoughts on what makes a trainee successful, how she has used gizmos and gadgets to create a model of the human intestine, and how one becomes a successful company founder.

Episode 5: Trust Your Gut (Michel Neunlist, Nantes)

Dr. Neunlist talks about how the nerves in our gut are linked with Parkinson’s Disease as well as the importance of integrity in scientific research.

Episode 4: Illuminating The Path (Nick Spencer, Flinders)

Dr. Spencer talks about the nervous system of the gut, and provides insight into how technology has changed science as well as the importance of perseverance in science.

Episode 3: Debugging Our Memories (Mauro Costa-Mattioli, BCM)

Dr. Costa-Mattioli gives us his thoughts on memories and microbes, and advice on how to push forward into new scientific fields.

Episode 2: Making The Jump (Ian Wickersham, MIT)

Dr. Wickersham discusses his work on rabies virus to probe connections in the brain and how he forms collaborations with other researchers.

Episode 1: Embrace The No (Cheryl Nickerson, ASU) [中文]

Dr. Nickerson shares her other-worldly ideas of sending bacteria to space, the challenges she faced, and what motivates her to do the work she does.